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Ravan and Eddie

Ravan and Eddie - Kiran Nagarkar I was expecting something entirely different when I started reading this book - perhaps that's why it was so disappointing. I thought it was going to be about two friends growing up in the slums of Mumbai. I had high hopes for the story.

But instead, it was about 2 boys who lived in the same building, who were enemies (but it was rarely mentioned) because of an accident that happened days before Eddie was born. It was about all the trouble that precocious boys will get into in Mumbai. Basically, it wasn't anything like I expected.

The writing was good, to be honest - a little bit prosy at times, where I'd have to read and reread a sentence to understand what it was talking about. I liked both Ravan and Eddie most of the time, and felt bad when their mothers misunderstood their behavior and beat them for it. There was one sickening scene with Ravan and another (older) boy that made me want to throw up, but I loved the scenes about kite running.

The author would go off on tangents and at first I thought they were newspaper articles or something, but then during them he started including Ravan and Eddie's names in them, which made it really odd. These inserts told the story of Mumbai and were at times quite boring. I found myself skimming them to get back to the story - which eventually led nowhere.

I realize that not every book has action, and I'm OK with that. I wasn't expecting action, but I was hoping the whole time that SOMETHING would happen. But instead it's just about daily life and goes on and on - and then ends. So, while the story was beautiful for sharing the customs and lifestyle of the people of Mumbai, the story as a whole just didn't do it for me.