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Seduction - Geneva Holliday If I could only say one word about this book, that word would be "sexy". I don't usually read this sort of novel, but I won it in a contest and when it came in the mail, I was in the mood for something different. The book started off steamy (very steamy) and kept on going right through to the end. Surprisingly, the plot was really good too. The two main characters were well developed (the side characters - Geneva, Noah and Chevy - I thought weren't developed at all, but then I figured out that this was the 4th book in a series so they would likely have been developed in earlier books).

The book was broken up into parts, and there was a lot in the beginning as we got to know Tony and Mildred, then it made a large jump forward, and another later on. I guess it worked for the story (or it would have been FOREVER long) but I would have liked a little bit more in those time periods.

Some parts were a little unrealistic as well, but generally the book was a sexy read, and it was a quick read too (I read it in just a few hours).