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Walking Disaster  - Jamie McGuire I was really looking forward to seeing the story of Abby in Beautiful Disaster retold from Travis' side, thinking that it would give me some sort of insight into what was going on in his head. But sadly, it didn't live up to my expectations. It wasn't bad...it just wasn't what I thought it would or could be.

I loved the intro to the book - where we see Travis as a small child and are given the opportunity to see where he comes from emotionally with the loss of his mother. It gave an insight that wasn't there in the original book (or is barely mentioned somewhere near the middle, when Abby meets the rest of the Maddox boys).

But I felt like I didn't get to see the relationship evolve in this book - Abby's book was better for that. Travis' story skipped a lot of important scenes, but then weirdly would reference back to them later like it hadn't been missed, so I had to rely a lot on remembering what happened in Beautiful Disaster (which I loved, so it wasn't too hard). That in itself made the story feel choppy, rambling, and a little bit clumsy throughout.

In some ways it was nice to get to know Travis, though he seemed a little bit shallow at times, and find his motivations for certain actions that just didn't make sense from Abby's point of view. It also clarified some scenes from Beautiful Disaster, where you're led to believe he acted a certain way because of his ego. The scenes that happened while Abby was not there were very telling and gave a bit more depth to the story of Abby and Travis.

The biggest thing that drove me crazy was this: could he say "bag" any more times? I swear it was the only word he used for "sex"...and he said it a lot! I mean, come on...change it up a bit! It started to wear on my nerves after only a few pages!

So, would I recommend this title? If you loved Beautiful Disaster and want more of the same type of storytelling, I would skip it, honestly. It's just not at the same level. But, if you really want to get to know Travis and see bits of the story from his point of view, you may enjoy it. I just expected a little more out of it than what I got, but it was still enjoyable, and I will be watching for more of Jamie McGuire's future novels!