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Volition - Lee Strauss, Elle Strauss I was surprised how quickly I was able to remember the whole story from Perception, the first book in the series. Normally it comes back to me in bits and pieces, but when I was only a few paragraphs in, my memory flooded with scenes from the last book. Volition picks up where Perception left off, and in places it just hints at what happened before, but didn’t do a full recap at the beginning or anything.

So Zoe and Noah have set off, and have government agents on their tail. They run into all sorts of interesting people in their attempt to stay off the grid. The story is told from the dual points of view of Zoe and Noah, and I really enjoyed it. I felt that I got a real sense of what they felt and I was able to connect with each of them for different reasons. There were a lot of new characters introduced, and they were memorable for different reasons – some of them weren’t fully developed, but it made the read quite interesting.

Now, there was the dreaded love triangle in effect here – but it seemed somewhat acceptable because it wasn’t done with the insipid “do I love this guy, or do I love the other guy?” way. Maybe because of the way it was written, I was able to see these triangles more clearly and how I think it will actually end up pushing Zoe and Noah closer together. Or, at least I hope.

Some of the plot twists were easy to predict, and others seemed to come from left field. There were some great action scenes throughout. Parts of the story didn’t seem too plausible, but they did help the story progress and I didn’t feel they were laughable, just unlikely. And, of course, it ends on a cliffhanger…so I’m glad I waited to read it until just before the final book comes out…now I won’t have to wait forever to find out what happens to Zoe, Noah and their new companions!

If you like dystopias and the moral dilemmas of technology and what we can essentially do with it, you might enjoy this series. I’m looking forward to reading Contrition, the final book in the series, next week!