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The Boyfriend App - Katie Sise I was really excited by the premise of this story - a girl discovers a way to have your phone find you a boyfriend. Sure, maybe it doesn't seem really plausible, but I thought at the very least, it would be a cute, entertaining story.

I was wrong. I'll give Katie Sise props, because she tried. But I think that she tried to hard, and the book was trying to be something that it wasn't and couldn't be.

At first, I really liked Audrey's character - she was geeky, quirky and adorable. She was being picked on by someone who used to be her best friend, but had a great group of real friends with similar interests as she did. She's super-smart and knows how to hack and code like nobody's business. I liked her.

Then the story went awry. I'm not even sure why I started disliking it so much - maybe because it seemed so incredibly bizarre that I couldn't enjoy it? I understood where the author was trying to go with it - kids being brainwashed using technology and all that, but it wasn't quite strong enough of an attempt to pull it off. I found myself rolling my eyes at the characters and the situations they'd find themselves in. I don't often put a book down in frustration, but I nearly did it with this one.

So, unfortunately, I was disappointed with this one. And I hate it when that happens! It wasn't the story for me, but others seemed to enjoy it, so I'm not sure if I missed something or not.