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No One You Know - Michelle Richmond This book intricately weaved several stories into one. One part was Ellie's - her past, her present, her failures, her successes. Her character reminds me a little bit of myself: an avid reader with a love for coffee (in the book she's a cupper, she travels the world to find new coffees, something I'd love to try). I found her quite likable and a great character to tell this story.

The other part is Lila's story - Ellie's sister who was found murdered 20 years before this story begins. Told from Ellie's point of view, we learn about Lila and we're introduced to Lila's world of math and numbers, which was intriguing.

It doesn't read as a suspense or mystery book, even though it's premise is exactly that. Instead, it's a sweet story of Ellie coming to terms with events that happened so long ago, and her search for answers. I had two theories about who had done it, nearly from the beginning of the book. My first guess was actually correct, but not in the same way I had imagined.

I really enjoyed reading this book - it was touching and engaging, and all of the characters had interesting stories to tell.