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Emancipating Andie - Priscilla Glenn It’s been a while since I read a contemporary romance, as I was a little burnt out on the genre, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this one! Everything flowed so well, starting with the way Priscilla Glenn writes – I thought it was really smooth and well-connected, everything thought out and nothing left to chance or imagination.

I also really connected with the characters – they felt so real, their decisions and actions like ones that my friends would make. I loved the easy camaraderie between Andie and Chase once they started to get to know one another. The chemistry was palpable and even though in places I knew what was going to happen before it actually did, I was fully engrossed in their story.

Mostly I loved that it wasn’t a cliche. It took a very serious subject – when you think you love one person and have to make a hard decision about what to do when you realize that it may not really be the case. Of course, it’s in an extreme case, but it’s something that happens in real life and I love that Priscilla Glenn was able to write about it without making it into a love triangle or worse.

Overall, I’d recommend this title if you’re looking for a sweet love story. It was well written and I will be watching for more books by Priscilla Glenn in the future!