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The Space Between - Victoria H. Smith It’s not very often that I can sit down with a book and read it straight through until it’s finished, but that’s exactly what I did in this case! I was immediately drawn to the story of Drake and Lacey, who were from completely different worlds but didn’t allow that to hinder their relationship.

I liked Drake, who despite seeming like a bad boy in the first chapter, ended up being pretty down-to-earth and unlike the rest of his peers. There were hints towards his bad side throughout the story, but it didn’t show through very often. His parents were manipulative and I really, really didn’t like the people he was surrounded by.

Lacey was the complete opposite – she was from a very bad neighborhood but didn’t allow that to shape her into the person she was to become. Her character was quite innocent despite the hardships she had been through, and I enjoyed the fact that she wasn’t completely a good girl, either. She had big dreams and I found myself rooting for her and hoping that she would achieve them.

There wasn’t that much “romance” though, it was more a case of immediate attraction and then the couple trying to figure out how they could make it work under the weird circumstances they found themselves in. The scenes where they were together and alone were very hot, though. Their relationship was quite intense, so it made it understandable that they would find themselves falling so hard for eachother so quickly.

What got me the most of the whole thing was the ending of the story – it ended exactly the way that I’d hoped it would. I wasn’t disappointed at all by it, and I’m looking forward to seeing what awaits Drake and Lacey in the next story!