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Dualed - Elsie Chapman I was really looking forward to this book, and while it didn’t *quite* live up to my expectations, I still loved it! Very quickly I learned about this society that West lived in, where there were two of every person and that they didn’t meet until they were assigned to dual it out and hopefully be the survivor. The idea really intrigued me and that’s what kept me going.

The society that she lived in was believable, though I would have liked a little more explanation into what happened to cause this extreme need to have children kill one another. There was quite a bit of “kill” terminology, like “assisted kill” (AK) and “peripheral kill” (PK) which got confusing in the middle of the book because they had been mentioned once in passing and then abbreviated for the rest of the story. So once the action started, I couldn’t remember what each of the acronyms meant.

I really liked West’s character – she was tough, smart and resourceful. I didn’t always agree with how she did things, or the way that her thought processes went, though. She made funny decisions to try to survive and keep her best friend safe, but to me it didn’t necessarily add up for me.

Once I thought the action would really start, when West received her assignment, it actually slowed down, and I found myself always waiting for something to happen that would kick-start the conflict between her and her Alt. At the point when it did happen, the book was nearing the end, but the scenes themselves were intense.

Overall, I highly enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anyone who likes young-adult dystopia. I’m also interested to see where the next book in the series will go, and if it will answer the residual questions I have from reading Dualed.