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Kiss Me - Jillian Dodd I didn’t realize before starting the second book that these book read like a TV series – as in, when one book ends, the next one starts. There is no gap, and there is no summary provided. Since I started reading this one immediately after reading Stalk Me, it worked out, but it is a little warning that if you read the series that you’ll need to really remember what happened in the previous book(s) when starting the next.

This book was quite a bit less realistic than the first book. Not only is she still obsessing about the boys from earlier, she now has several more boys falling at her feet. She doesn’t really have girl friends, again – she does, but they don’t make much of an appearance. There is still residual drama from the first book, but it’s only touched on lightly and occasionally – mostly it was about boys, kissing, rumors and sex.

I also found it weird that she was in this huge enclosed school for kids of rich and powerful people, with a great amount of security, but the faculty staff plays such a small roll. The kids have curfew but there don’t seem to be any rules otherwise and teachers and security are hardly mentioned at all – basically, the kids have complete and total freedom within the compound, and I just found it very unrealistic.

I still enjoyed reading it, though. I liked Keatyn’s carefree character and how she wants to do the right thing but has a hard time figuring out just what that is for her. I will definitely keep reading the series to find out what will happen to this girl!