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Those We Love Most - Lee Woodruff I read the first chapter in dumbstruck horror - I knew that something tragic was going to happen to shatter the idyllic morning that was being described, but it didn't stop the pure terror at the thought of what Maura's character was about to go through. My mouth was literally wide open as I read, I couldn't read fast enough for the first part. Being a mother myself, my heart was broken into several pieces, aching for the pain of this fictional family. That's how I knew that it was going to be an amazing book.

The story continued from the point of view of Maura, Margaret and Roger. I didn't particularly like Roger, and at times I didn't like Maura all that much either...for very similar reasons. However, they were both very human and realistically portrayed. I adored Margaret, though...the perfect motherly and grandmotherly figure.

This book was beautifully written, well paced and very enjoyable despite the realistically flawed characters and heartbreak. It weaved several points of view together seamlessly. If you enjoy contemporary women's fiction, this will be a must-read for you!