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Starters - Lissa Price In this one, 2 generations survive a brutal spore attack - the elderly and children. Many children are forced to live on the street, having no rights as minors and without grandparents or elderly relatives to look after them. This is how we meet Callie - desperate to save her brother who is sick because of the spore wars, she decides to rent out her body to elderly people (called Enders) who want the chance to be young again.

It was very interesting, sortof a look into what kind out trouble technology could get us into if not controlled a little (although a bit extreme, I must say).

I really liked Callie and thought that the Enders were all just a little bit off their rockers, but it made for a good read. The book wrapped up a bit too quickly once things got going, though, and left itself wide open for the next book, which I will be reading!