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Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein All my life I’ve been very interested in stories about wars. I don’t know why. I was *really* bad in history class, except when it came to WWI and WWII, then I was acing essays and tests like you wouldn’t believe. So, whenever I find a fictional book about WWII, I’m all in.

I really liked how this story was told. The book starts with Verity in custody of the Nazis after her and Maddie’s plane crashed in Occupied France. For the first half of the book, readers are told the history of Maddie and Verity’s friendship from Verity’s side. It was mostly light-hearted – even though Verity has been caught by the Nazis and is being somewhat tortured, she writes as if she’s telling a story rather than just plain facts. The part that I found hardest to understand about this half of the book is why the Nazi officers let her get away with the nonsense she was writing, but it was forgivable because it was so entertaining. I loved Verity and Maddie from the beginning because of the way this part of the story was told.

Halfway through the book, the point of view switches to Maddie, and she writes the story about what has happened since they crashed in Nazi-occupied France. Maddie’s tale is more a tale of the Resistance and what it’s like to be hiding from the Nazis, knowing that her friend has been captured and wanting desperately to rescue her. When it all comes together, it’s completely heartbreaking. I had several ideas of how the story would end, but never did I see this one coming.

If you enjoy reading books about WWII, give this one a try. It’s not as serious as some, because these girls are young and lively, the book feels that way too. It’s a good, light-hearted look at friendship during wartime, and an entertaining read.