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Aries Rising - Bonnie Hearn Hill I thought this book was good...not great, but it was good. At times the main character (Logan) seemed very young. It was nice to read a YA book that wasn't the same as all the other basic YA books out there - girl sees boy, thinks she's in love, etc. There was some of that in there, but I felt it was somewhat realistic. There wasn't much for make-out scenes, or the pressure to give in to sex, which was also really nice.

And of course, it was different. While there are the usual plot lines, they are almost an undercurrent to Logan and her friends learning about astrology and how they can use it to get what they want. That was the part I found the most interesting, honestly. Astrology intrigues me, so to put it into a book like this is unique.

I will probably continue on with the series, just to find out what more Logan can learn and where astrology takes her.