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Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys This is one of those books that tells a story that I had NO idea actually happened (similar to Sarah's Key). I'm admittedly ignorant when it comes to the Soviet and Baltics history. This book started to open my eyes...

I personally loved Lina and her heartbreaking story. I was immediately engrossed by the story and didn't want to put it down, despite my desperate need to sleep. With many books I would have given in to sleep, but this one kept me awake. I wanted to know more about Lina, Jonas and her parents. I didn't find the flashbacks annoying as others did, in fact, I felt it gave me a better perspective of the story, an inkling of what was going on behind the scenes that Lina was too young to understand.

Overall, I thought it was well-written and told a story that NEEDS to be told. There are a lot of books about WWII, but I'm just starting to stumble across those that are about what happened in other countries, history which is swept under the carpet or forgotten about.