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The Gravesavers - Sheree Fitch I'm usually pretty leery about Canadian lit...and also about "paranormal" fiction, but despite that wariness, I picked this book up from the library. And I was pleasantly surprised.

The library system isn't sure whether to classify this as young-adult or juvenile, and to be honest, I find it somewhere in the middle. Minn (short for Cinnamon) is 12 years old, but dealing with a lot of stuff, and has to go stay with her grandma for the summer, which she resents. As bratty as she seemed at first, she grew on me, and her story mixed in with that of a real historical event in the Maritimes (and the fictional story of John Hindley) was excellently written.

My only critique is that the ending didn't quite fit. And that may be coming from an adult's point of view...it just wasn't enough for me. I wanted it explained a little more, to find out how everything fell into place.