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I'm a 32 year old mom of two who loves to read (obviously)! I'll read just about anything - if it sounds interesting, it makes it's way to my to-read pile!

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The Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #2) - Nora Roberts I actually liked this one better than the first one in the trilogy. I guess I just liked Owen a little better than Beckett and Ryder. It had the usual things that irritate me about these books (the weird/too formal way they talk, for one thing), but it was a sweet story, and it captivated me.

I really like the ghost angle in this series too, and I'm not really one that reads a lot of ghost stories. To be honest, I already know how the 3rd book will go in the series, even without reading the preview for it in the end of this book, BUT I'd like to see the Lizzy thing figured out, so I'll read it...