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Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver I'm not really sure what I think of this book...it's hovering somewhere around 3.5 stars, maybe, but I gave it 4 because it was mostly the characters I didn't like.

I enjoyed the premise of the book...popular girl, tragic accident, having to "redo" the day leading up to the accident until she gets it right.

However, I found Sam to be a totally shallow bitch and I couldn't like her. Even when she finally did the "right" things. Maybe because I was one of the (cruelly) teased when I was in school and the way she starts off in the book, like "everyone gets teased, it's just how it is", it really rubbed me the wrong way. At one point I did start to feel sorry for her, though, and she did have some redeeming qualities. Some of the days she redid were quite humorous, other days she was sweet. The ending was the only part that REALLY may have redeemed her, though...it was the ONLY day when she wasn't completely selfish and purposefully cruel to other people.

But overall, in the end, I didn't like Sam enough to care. I should have felt more, normally I *do* feel more, I should have cried like a baby thinking of her family and friends, but I found her so unlikeable that I just couldn't. But it was still a good book.