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The Carpenter - This was more than a 3 star, but not quite a 4 star, but 4 seemed to fit better than 3, I think.

The plot was really interesting, the characters were intriguing, and I really wanted the best for Lee once he was out of prison. The family dynamic was weird (which I'd imagine is realistic in that situation), and the book slowly tells the backstory.

What drove me crazy about this one was the punctuation...I know, I know, it's acceptable, but I prefer quotation marks when people are speaking, instead of like this:

- It is really hot out today, said Lee

WHAT is that?? Was it SO HARD to put quotation marks in there instead of the dash??

Anyway, there are also parts of the plot completely left unresolved, or the resolution is "nobody will know for sure what happened" - well, YES, the author knows, but didn't know how to round out the story. Part of the plot was just to introduce characters to the storyline, except it was done like a sub-plot/mystery added to the book and it was never fully realized.

Still, all in all, it was pretty decent, I enjoyed it, it was hovering between a 3 and 4 star for me.