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The Lifeboat - Charlotte Rogan I expected quite a bit more out of this book, to be honest. And strangely it never mentioned the Titanic, which I found very odd (though at the end it did mention the Lusitania).

The plot itself was interesting, and I imagine the effects of being stuck in a lifeboat for so long were pretty accurate (dehydration, starvation, fatigue, dementia), but what made me dislike the book was the way it was written. In some areas it was circular and hard to keep up with Grace's thoughts (that's essentially what it was, in part, a "diary" written after they were rescued), and at other times there was so much prose that it was just plain hard to understand. If it was written as a diary, she wouldn't have written it in that style...it's hard to explain which is why I had such a hard time with the writing style.

Also throw into the mix the fact that the sailor they had on board talked like a pirate, which was laughable since the setting is 1914 and everyone spoke very proper English.

As I said, I expected a lot more out of this book.