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Glow - Amy Kathleen Ryan This was a different take on the run of dystopian young-adult books that have been published lately...a ship of people looking for a new world because Earth has likely been destroyed, attacked by their sister ship. The attack takes all the girls, leaves the boys behind, and all the adults are either dead or missing.

It's slightly reminiscent of Lord Of The Flies in some ways, when the book is written from the point of view of Kieren, the boy who is destined to be the ship's Captain. The girls' story is told through the eyes of Waverley, the eldest girl and Kieren's girlfriend.

I really enjoyed reading about what was happening on both ships and there was never really any stop in the action. The ending left me a bit surprised, and saddened...and yet, at the same time, anxious to find out what happens to this group of kids.