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Secret Daughter - Shilpi Somaya Gowda As usual, I was leery of this one because it's getting so much talk lately...but it was for a group read so I picked up a copy. But, it surprised me. I was instantly hooked to the story, with the birth of Usha/Asha and the miscarriage that led to her adoption. I felt for both women, the struggles that they had with their choices: for Kavita, the aftermath of giving up her baby to save it's life so they would be able to try again to have a boy; and for Somer, the consequences of adoption.

When Asha goes to India, I thought for sure it would switch to Asha getting to know Kavita, Jasu and Vijay, and was surprised when it didn't go there...instead showing us Asha's strengths and maturity. Even towards the end when both families were going through similar situations, I thought they'd bump into eachother. But the ending was perfect...completely sweet and feel-good.