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Pieces of Happily Ever After - Irene Zutell I should have known just looking at the cover that I was in for a not-so-great read. I thought (from the preview of the cover) that the little girl was chasing butterlies - however, they are puzzle pieces, and they look terribly fake on the cover (the picky scrapbooker in me is quite annoyed by this...almost anyone with basic PS skills could do better).

I didn't like the main character OR her bratty daughter. The main word of this book was "MOMMY" and it was used excessively and inappropriately (the caretaker of the main character's mother says "your mommy" to a GROWN WOMAN...repeatedly). The Filipina (not Filipino as the book says...repeatedly) character speaks SO much worse than most Filipinos that I know (and I know lots, believe me).

Almost everything about this book made me crazy...so disappointed, it could have been so much better.