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Fallout - Ellen Hopkins The final book in the Kristina Snow saga...quite a sad story all around. The thought that this happens all over the world because of drug use and selfishness is heartbreaking...it's not just the addict that is affected, it's their families as well...in this case, the children.

I felt bad for the 3 teens portrayed in this book...the fact that they have to deal with residual issues because of Kristina's poor decision making and addiction just tore at me...they were innocent, brought into this world by a woman who essentially abandoned them, to have a harder life than should be allowed for a child. And every decision they make themselves is weighed on by their "mother's" choices earlier in their lives.

I loved how Hopkins wrapped it all up, and the little newspaper excerpts were a nice touch, keeping the reader filled in on details of the Kristina story without leaving the perspectives of the teenagers that were speaking. Hopefully the children that this book is based on will have a happy ending.