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Ape House - Sara Gruen First of all, it's not that I disliked the book. In fact I *did* like it, but definitely not close to how I felt about Water For Elephants. I feel like I waited forever for a so-so book - as soon as I saw this on the shelf the other day (I had no idea it was coming) I snatched it up and started reading it that night, expecting to be blown away as I was with her last book.

I loved the bonobos, the characters were likable - but it had some very ridiculous parts - like explaining a part of John's past randomly in the middle which the reason for comes out later. I would have loved to know exactly what the issues were with the characters and their families - John, Amanda and Isabel all have parent issues but they're only touched on, instead of opened up to explain why they are the way they are.

I did find it amazing the way the bonobos were able to speak and was very interested to learn that this is something that is going on in the real world, not just in her book. The idea itself intrigues me a lot and is something I would love to see.

The premise of the book was amazing, it just seemed rushed (although she worked on it for a few years) and not fully developed to me.