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Tricks - Ellen Hopkins I'm having a hard time rating this one...3 stars doesn't seem like enough but 4 seems like too many.

This was a bit different than the other books I've read by Hopkins, because it was 5 different stories. They start out as completely separate kids from very different lives, but in the end they all turn to the same thing to get through - turning tricks. They don't really interconnect until close to the end of the book, and even then it's only briefly - the biggest connection being Whitney and Ginger.

I love Hopkin's books because they are important stories to tell, and the free verse usually works for them. The thing is that in this book...she didn't do it the same as in the other books she's written...only the first poem in each character's "chapter" would be in her typical verse with 2 meanings. Otherwise it was written in 2 or 4 line stanzas. It didn't make or break the story, but it was the one thing I love about her books and I found it missing in this one.