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The Road - Cormac McCarthy I really don't know how to rate this book. I liked the story - there were parts of it that made me crazy - I wanted to know what happened to burn all of America and kill everyone...or who the "bad guys" are. There were some VERY disturbing parts, and I wasn't able to get horrible images out of my head one night. But what I disliked MOST about this (and I hated it about "Blindess" by Jose Saramago, as well) was the lack of names all through the book (the boy, the man) and the lack of punctuation for dialogue. Are they just lazy or what? How hard is it to put in some quotation marks? I found myself having to count out responses to figure out if it was the man or the boy talking.

So anyway, 3 stars. Because the idea was OK, I just didn't like the book.