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The Ten-Year Nap - Meg Wolitzer Talk about napping...all I wanted to do while reading this was sleep. It was dry, and I didn't particularly care about any of the characters in the book. I don't know what the point was of going back in time after introducing each of the 4 main characters to going and telling the story of their mothers...and I *really* don't get the couple of chapters about totally random people that were briefly mentioned at some point in the previous chapter. It had nothing to do with anything.

I thought this would be more about the working mom versus stay-at-home mom thing, but it just wasn't, even though that's what the publisher tries to pretend it is. I kept hoping it would get better, so I stuck it out, but was disappointed in the end when I realized that the whole thing was just a lame plot with no point - nothing exciting happens, each character learns a little something, but it's nothing extraordinary or worth reading about.