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Columbine - Dave Cullen Everyone needs to read this book! I don't remember this event from on the news or anything (although I am in Canada), even though I was in grade 12 when it happened - these boys were the same age as me, I graduated the same spring that they would have.

It's an interesting way to write a non-fiction book - it was a cross between the language the boys would have used (and likely DID use in their journals) and a journalist. It was honest look at everything - covering many different victims, survivors, their families, areas of the investigation, the media itself.

It made me sick in places, reading about the minds of these boys and what they were doing - thank goodness it didn't go as they had planned. I cried in different spots, out of pity for the families and out of pride in the students who are my own age.

If you've heard of the tragedy that happened at Columbine school, you need to read this book. If you haven't, you need to read this book.