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Two Little Girls in Blue - Mary Higgins Clark Mary Higgins Clark...I haven't read her books in a LONG time because I found them predictable and they always seemed to follow the same formula. So either I've forgotten the formula or she's changed...I can't say which one for sure. Still, either way...she is a good writer and I find myself adding her books to my "to read" list.

Anyhow, this book...it was good. Near the beginning I was worried I wasn't going to like it because every time the Pied Piper called, his voice was described as "obviously disguised". Every single time. But that part was over soon enough and so I got over it and let myself get invested in the story.

I was surprised at some of the twists the novel took with characters that weren't really a part of the plot, but were. I'm actually still not sure how some of it fits together, but I know it was all thrown in there to throw us off the trail of figuring out who the Pied Piper really was.

So anyway...it's a good pick if you're looking for an interesting crime fiction book and a quick(ish) read.