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Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines - Nic Sheff It was a pretty good book. Not really what I was expecting - but still a pretty good read. The only thing that made me crazy was that he insisted on saying he "relapsed". OK, to me...relapse is something you don't CHOOSE to do. Relapse is like in cancer, it just comes back and you have to fight for your life. Not drug addiction. Sorry. Just the use of the word repeatedly irritated me.

I wanted to read Nic's story and then the same story from the point-of-view of the father, and am still planning on doing it (the other book is waiting for me at the library). But Nic rarely talked about his father in this book, so it makes me wonder what the dad has to write about. Oh well, should be interesting.

Personally, I liked the books "Crank" and "Glass" by Ellen Hopkins better, which are fiction but based on the author's daughter's experience with meth addiction.