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I'm a 32 year old mom of two who loves to read (obviously)! I'll read just about anything - if it sounds interesting, it makes it's way to my to-read pile!

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Daniel Isn't Talking - Marti Leimbach This book was good - not really what I expected, but still good. At first I didn't like the character of the mom, she made me crazy...though it was interesting to read about how they came across the diagnosis of their son Daniel. The father was a complete jerk...I hated him, and as the book went on the mother got stronger without him there. I found it intriguing all the stuff revolving around the care of autism...having a friend whose son was diagnosed several years ago, I've always been interested in reading more (especially after doing a paper on it in high school). The lack of help out there is really astounding to me...I don't know if that's really based in fact, but it's sad if it's true.