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Swimming Upstream, Slowly - Melissa  Clark I had such high hopes for this book, I really did. But as soon as she gave us the "technical" term for Sasha's problem - specifically "Lazicum Spermatozoa" I started to laugh. Really? REALLY? You expect us to believe in something so obviously made up?!

The basis of the story was good - she gets knocked up from lazy sperm - any one of her previous 8 boyfriends could be the father. I felt sorry for Sasha having to deal with this at the beginning of her career as a TV star for kids, and felt badly that she had to contact each of her exes and give them the crazy news.

I can't really comment on specific characters without spoiling the book - but I *can* say that I really did hate some of the characters, and then others I loved.

So my final review is that the book itself was good - the only thing that had me disliking it was the STUPID technical name that the author gave the condition. It would have helped to make it something readers could believe in a bit more.