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Blindness - José Saramago, Giovanni Pontiero The idea behind this book was a good one - a man goes blind and it moves on to everyone else in the city, in the world, except for one woman. In fact, the story itself WAS very good, and if I was reveiwing that alone, it would probably have gotten 4 stars, possibly 5. BUT I didn't like the way it was written. I'm understanding that it was not originally written in English and that it was translated, but I'm not sure that is the reason I disliked the book. It was like one REALLY long run-on sentence, and I found myself getting distracted in the middle and having to go back and read it again. There were no quotation marks when people were speaking (though I think if there were, the book would be 3x longer than it was) and nobody in the book had names, which would get confusing in places. One thing that may have just been translation and nothing more - some of the words were "off". Such as "at the surgery" where the surgery was actually a optometrist's office/clinic...little things like that were repeated and irritated me. So, story line: good...execution: not so good.