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The Constant Princess - Philippa Gregory I really, really enjoyed this book. I know absolutely nothing about the Tudor era, but this series of books was recommended to me (because I mentioned to a friend I was interested in reading about Marie Antoinette, she thought I might like this series as well). I'm reading them not in the order Philippa Gregory wrote them, but in the order of succession of Henry's wives. I love that it's fiction, but based in fact...how much of the story is true, who knows, but still it was entertaining.

Anyhow, this book was really, really good. That Catalina kept strong and maintained her lie throughout everything she went through was just amazing. The book was REALLY long, too...

The only thing is the ending - it doesn't tell what happened to her. Maybe it's explained in the next book of the series, from the Boelyn girl's perspective. I would think, though, that it's common knowledge what befell each of Henry's wives - so why wasn't it included in the book? I would love to know what Catalina/Katherine was "thinking" at the time of her death...or even the 20 years or so that it skipped - she mentions at the ending some things that happened, but they're only mentioned, where I would have loved to read more about them.