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I actually liked this so much more than I thought I was going to. I went into it expecting a typical New Adult novel, and got something completely different – a book with a lot of heart and a good mystery, too.


The mystery behind this whole story was incredible – I mean, I loved the clues that Gideon left for Aurora to figure out, and how it inevitably led them on a road trip down Route 66. The clues were placed so well and I stayed just a half-step ahead of them, piecing together the puzzle as it was laid out.


Having the story set in the 70′s was groovy (haha) – I enjoyed it because it was a little different from the norm and

made the mystery that much harder to figure out. Many times I’d catch myself thinking “duh, just go on the internet” and then realize that “duh” – they couldn’t. How easily I forgot that the world wasn’t as connected then as it is now! No cell phones, GPS, or computers – they had to do this the “old-fashioned” way.


Aurora’s character was really likeable – she was super smart, liked to read (yay!), and was really, really perceptive to how people around her were feeling and acting. I didn’t like Donovan at first, he just seemed too grumpy and full of himself, but eventually I came to like him, as well – especially once he stopped fighting with Aurora every second and started protecting her. There were a few moments where he surprised me and melted my heart just a little bit. I loved that the relationship between Aurora and Donovan was slow-paced and not at all like most New Adult relationships – hot and heavy without much thought going into it. In fact, it wasn’t really the focus of the book like I thought it was going to be, which was nice in itself.


I was a little sad when this story wrapped up…I was so engrossed in the mystery that when they finally had it solved, I wanted it to keep going. And then it was over – just like that. Everything finished up with a tidy little bow, but I wanted something else. I can’t say what, exactly, but something more. I’ll hold out hope that there will be a sequel or something to this one!


I was surprised by how much I liked this book. If you’re looking for something a little different from the norm in the New Adult genre, you should definitely pick this one up! I know I, for one, will be looking for more of Marilyn Brant’s work!