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Evening News - Marly Swick You can always tell when authors don't have kids but want to write about them. The way she's portrayed 9-year-old Teddy is pretty spot-on (my son is also 9), but 23-month old Trina was laughable. Learning her colors?? The words she was able to say?? As if. Babies are smart but she was a bit ahead of herself here...

Otherwise the book was decent. I found Giselle annoying at times, and felt quite sympathetic to Teddy's situation...I didn't really like Dan at all, he just seemed to fragile.

Other than the first few pages, there wasn't much action. Just conversations and thoughts (it's supposed to be written from Teddy's and Giselle's point-of-view but it's more like someone observing them and knowing their thoughts...rather than "I think" it was "he thought", etc). A lot of characters coming and going. Things just happen, and you read along.