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Ship Breaker - Paolo Bacigalupi I hadn't heard of this book until about a week ago. A couple days later, when I picked it up at the library, the librarian told me she enjoyed it and she was reading the sequel.

There's a LOT of young-adult material out there, and to be quite honest, a lot of it isn't all that good. Maybe I was spoiled by The Hunger Games being one of the first YA dystopian books I read. I find few that live up to it. But I felt this one did.

In a twist to the typical dystopian YA genre, this one is about a BOY. And there isn't a big love triangle going on. It's got a message, and it grabbed my attention from the beginning. I read it in just a day (which doesn't happen very often at all). I *will* be reading the sequel very soon.