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Fault Lines - Nancy Huston At first I wasn't really too sure about this one...I started reading it, and after just having put down "Forever Lily" because of the whole "I'm in tune with everything" attitude, I was scared when Sol was talking about how great he was and that he knew he had a purpose. But it QUICKLY got better, and just when I was getting interested in Sol, the view changed to that of his father (Randall) when he was the same age as Sol, then switched to Randall's mother (Sadie) and finally Kristina/Erra.

It was really interesting, reading the story backwards, to find out where the family started and what happened to shape the way they were. I *can* say that I didn't like Sadie as an adult (while in Randall's voice), but as a child she was cute, if not a little crazy - but listening to the story from her 6-year-old self makes you realize how she ended up how she did (same for each of the other characters, though). I don't think that the way they thought/talked was really how a 5/6-year-old would a lot of the time, but it still made for some interesting reading, seeing what shaped their lives.

Overall, it was a really good book! Makes me want to read a bit more about the subject that started this whole family's history and path.